Tag: Primogen


  • Creighton Hale

    Embraced in 1923 by Elizabeth Brune, who was enchanted by the young actor after meeting on the set of the snuff film On the Beach. She turned him after the performance so they could spend more time together but Creighton was furious when she told him he …

  • Claudia Allard

    She is very prim and proper and is very much invested in the traditions of old. She lives and controls the Ocean View District from an old Ocean House which was built for her when she first moved to Antica.

  • Barry "Bones" Bacino

    The younger, and smarter, Bacino brother has found himself backed into a corner as his more charismatic brother managed to further crush his power despite his recent failings. In a desperate last attempt to keep his power Barry arranged a meeting with …