Tag: Daeva


  • Creighton Hale

    Embraced in 1923 by Elizabeth Brune, who was enchanted by the young actor after meeting on the set of the snuff film On the Beach. She turned him after the performance so they could spend more time together but Creighton was furious when she told him he …

  • Eliza Hawthorn

    One of the most feared Vampire Hunter until her sudden and unexpected embrace at the hands of Jimmy. Now conflicted by what she is and who she was Eliza follows Jimmy for now as she learns the ropes and decides what she will do with herself. Despite her …

  • Nathaniel Roberts

    Recently moved to the small town of Moca to escape his daughter, Nathaniel has made himself a nice little niche to live within. Following the footsteps of his Sir, he set up a small bar which he fondly named El Gran Escape (The Great Escape). He has made …

  • Catherine Littlewood

    The prefect of the Carthians and lover of Robert Royce. She and him are bound together through Vinculum and although this causes some people to question their leadership they have proven time and again that they make a great team together.