The Aftermath

Prince Colton Reeves is dead. His radical plans of world domination through an ancient Mayan ritual has been foiled by a small group of recently embraced fledglings, a feat that has not gone unnoticed. With the Prince gone a brief power gap gave the next few nights a chaotic feel but it was not long before the elder, Elizabeth Brune, declared herself temporary Prince until a proper replacement could be instated. She confessed then that the purpose for her visit to the city was to investigate the strange behavior of Reeves, and that with the mystery concluded she would be returning to England. She also gave her word that those Vampires, Mercy, Jimmy, Tabitha, and Tristan, would be remembered for their services to Invictus and the city, and when the time was right she would reward them as best she could.

Things got very quiet, almost normal. The heroes of the city became something of a legend overnight as Vampires and Ghouls told stories of the fledglings that stood up against the Prince and won. Over the next few months Brune would host several meetings with the local Primogen and interview many of the candidates to take her place as Prince. A very tentative peace was constructed with the local Werewolves for their assistance in the endeavor, Regis Baxter considering the death of the Prince suitable revenge for past digressions.

It is now April 2013 and Elizabeth Brune has summoned, Mercy, Tristan, Tabitha, and Jimmy to Lemure Tower to discuss their future, and the future of the city.

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