Tabitha Amelia Flynn

Wait, is someone there?


The Iconic Tabbitha Amelia Flynn

Favoring shades of grey, and black, textures, ghost and pin striping, she dresses in late Victorian-style wool suit tops and waistcoats, slacks or skirts (depending on mood), often with a matching top-hat or bowler, and overcoat when appropriate, she cuts an anachronistic figure, here or in the 19th-century, leaving minds, old and new, unsure of what they’re dealing with.

On her person she carries:

  • Sterling Silver Pocket Watch (style, redundant)
  • Sterling Silver Case, contains Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Calling Cards (style… 19th-century style “Tabitha Amelia Flynn has come calling [visiting],” not modern prepaid cards for making calls… yes, mostly useless… does double as a ‘business card’)
  • Sterling Silver Match-case contains matches (style and function)
  • Pocketbook and Sterling Silver Fountain Pen (style, redundant)
  • Silver Monogrammed “T.A.F” White silk Handkerchief (style and function)
  • Sword Cane, Sterling Silver topper, “entwined lovers” (style and function)
  • New Model Smartphone (+2; mostly for texting, e-mail, and internet access . . . being Hollow, she can’t use it to talk)
  • Lock-pick (+1; looks like a multi-tool; concealed)
  • Zip Straps (thick, black UV resistant; concealed)


Officer Katlyn “Kat” Mulgrew



The only daughter of Patrick and Marissa Flynn, Tabitha Amelia Flynn was born 1 April 1991, and died 30th September 2012 at the age of 21 . . .

She awoke seven nights later on the 7th October 2012.

Tabitha Amelia Flynn

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